Finally it pays for everyone to reduce CO2

Your climate actions are rewarded in real time by this community-owned carbon credit platform

CO2DAO is a decentralized carbon credit marketplace...


who want to see that their efforts make a difference

Image of Lynn, Climate-conscious citizen

„On my App I earn rewards for every little climate action that is tracked.“

Lynn, climate-conscious citizen

Lynn, Climate-conscious citizen



that want to focus on their climate actions – not bureaucratic fundraising.

Image of Pablo – Reforestation Manager

Now we get funds directly from CO2DAO to plant more trees.“

Pablo, Reforestation Manager

Pablo – Reforestation Manager



that want a trusted offsetting solution to be climate neutral

Image of John, Head of CSR

„The CO2DAO seal of approval shows to new and existing customers that we compensate 100% of our CO2 emissions“

John, Head of CSR

John, Head of CSR

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What if everyone owneda piece of the carboneconomy?

Everyone who reduces CO2 is rewarded with carbon tokens on their CO2DAO smartphone wallet

Our app tracks all of your climate actions

...and for every ton of CO2 you reduce CO2 token is earned on your wallet app.

A transparent way for companies to offset their CO2 emissions and become climate neutral.

Companies pay Euros or Dollars to offset their corporate carbon footprint at fair market price. Bought tokens are burned, and contributions are recorded immutably on the blockchain for everyone to see.


Carbon credit markets, reimagined

Carbon Markets

Mandatory Carbon Markets

Airlines, utilities and industry burdened by regulation

Carbon Market

Permissionless Carbon Market

Everyone is permitted and has an incentive to collaborate across borders to reduce CO2

Carbon Markets

Voluntary Carbon Markets

Companies can participate, but it‘s complicated and offers no benefits.

DAO: Only a decentralized solution can solve the trust problem

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“CO2DAO is not just a crypto wallet in your pocket. It’s the climate crisis broken down into pocket-sized actions that combine to move mountains.“

For climate-aware individuals and businesses, these benefits are becoming available soon:

Instant incentive forclimate action
Easy to use on your smartphone
Transactions are transparent & secure
Win-win marketplace for offsetter and reducer
Borderless, no banks or intermediaries needed
Unmutable on the blockchain